Pune : No PMC water supply irks Yeolewadi society residents

Pune : Wanowrie society residents face acute water shortage; Demand urgent action

Important : Low-pressure water supply for PCMC citizens on 23 February due to technical failure

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Residents of Pyramid Aashiyana Society in Yeolewadi do not get water supply from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) due to which they are completely dependent on private water tankers to meet their water requirements. 

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Ramchandra Namdas, Resident of Pyramid Aashiyana, Yeolewadi, said “There is no water supply from the PMC for our society at all. We do not even get water tankers from the PMC. Hence, we are completely dependent for water supply on private water tankers for which we have to spend extra money every month. We have complained about this to the PMC but nothing has happened at all.”

Maulana Sameer Nadvi, Resident of Pyramid Aashiyana, Yeolewadi, said “We purchase private tankers to meet our daily water needs. There is no PMC water supply since the very beginning. There is no other source of water here. We have to pay Rs 1,200 to 1,500 monthly per flat for contribution towards private tankers. We are paying property tax on time. However, there is no response from the PMC about this.”

Hrushikesh Bhosale, Resident of Pyramid Aashiyana, Yeolewadi, said “We have been living in this society since 1 to 1.5 years. The PMC water connection hasn’t reached us. There is no water pipeline for our society as well. So, we are getting water from private tankers for which we spend Rs 1,200 to 1,500 per month. We have complained to the PMC & ex corporators about this, but the ex corporators cannot do anything about this as corporators are not there of the PMC & the PMC hasn’t responded to us about this issue. Hence, utter negligence is going on due to which we are suffering.”

Shamkant Borade, Resident of Pyramid Aashiyana, Yeolewadi, said “We are paying extra from our pockets for private water tankers. We have been constantly following up with the PMC about this. For now, we have set a timetable for water supply for residents through private tankers i.e. 2 hours in the morning & 1 hour in the evening daily.”

Nitin Khude, PMC 24×7 Water Supply Official, said “We will go to the spot, & inspect the issue and take relevant action.”

Shreyas Vange

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