Pune: Non-Resident Indians Return Home to Vote 

Pune: Lok Sabha Voting Trend Keeps Contenders on Edge

Pune: Lok Sabha Voting Trend Keeps Contenders on Edge

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As Pune gears up for the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha elections on May 13, a heartening trend emerges: non-resident Indians (NRIs) are making the journey back home to fulfill their civic duty by casting their ballots.
These NRIs, scattered across the globe for various reasons such as education or employment, are returning to India to exercise their fundamental right as citizens. Among the 1.34 crore NRIs worldwide, approximately 1.2 lakh are listed on the 2024 electoral rolls and are determined to make their voices heard.
Their commitment to participating in the electoral process stands in stark contrast to the declining voter turnout witnessed in recent phases of the elections. The turnout in the third phase of the 2024 LS elections was 64.4%, down from 67.33% in the corresponding phase of the 2019 LS elections.
Amidst concerns of voter apathy, the news of NRIs actively engaging in the electoral process is a refreshing reminder of the significance of democratic participation. By returning home to vote, these individuals exemplify the essence of citizenship – not just enjoying rights, but also fulfilling responsibilities.
Voting transcends geographical boundaries; it is a means for every citizen to shape the collective destiny of the nation. Through their active involvement in elections, NRIs assert their stake in governance, ensuring that their interests are represented and their voices are heard.

A resident of Lulla Nagar changed his foreign official tour only to be able to cast a vote. But little did he know that his name is not in the list. He has voted in the past in the 2014 and 2019 elections. Surprisingly, his daughter had enrolled her name for the first time in the list has been registered as a voter but not him. 

Many residents this time are finding it difficult to locate their names and many are found that the names have been deleted from the list completely.