Pune : Peace Committee Meeting Held at Kondhwa Police Station to Discuss Bakri Eid Preparations

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A significant Peace Committee meeting took place on June 20, 2023, at the Kondhwa Police Station, focusing on the upcoming Bakri Eid festival. The meeting was attended by esteemed individuals including the Honorable Upper Police Commissioner of the East Regional Division Pune City, the Honorable Deputy Commissioner of Police Circle 5, M. Saha, and was organized under the guidance of the Police Commissioner of Wanwadi Division.

Several key issues were deliberated during the meeting to ensure a peaceful celebration of Bakri Eid. The following points were discussed:

It was emphasized that heightened patrolling should be implemented in the Khadimshin-Bopdevghat area until Bakri Eid, as there is a possibility of animals being transported in vehicles without proper permission.

Only the police or authorized administration personnel have the authority to stop the movement of animals during the festival. Other organizations or individuals are urged to refrain from interfering with the transportation process.

Participants emphasized the importance of avoiding the spread of rumors during the festival. In the event of any such occurrence, immediate contact with the police was encouraged.

Ensuring that no incidents disrupt law and order was a key focus. Measures were discussed to prevent any situations that could potentially lead to a breakdown in law and order.

The meeting witnessed the presence of esteemed individuals including former corporator Rais Sundke from the Nationalist Congress Party, Haji Feroze, Chairman Ibrahim Shaikh from the Maharashtra Action Committee, Amit Jagtap, the Branch President of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Surekha Juzgar from Mahila Aghadi Pune City Sambhaji Brigade, Naveed Sheikh, President of the Milat Foundation, Chabil Patel, and 25 other members, making a total of 30 participants in the Peace Committee.

Commencing at 16:20 PM, the meeting concluded peacefully at 17:45 PM, with the participants expressing their commitment to ensuring a harmonious and incident-free Bakri Eid celebration.