Pune Pet Owners Struggle as PMC’s Incinerator Shortage Persists

Pune Pet Owners Struggle as PMC's Incinerator Shortage Persists

Pune Pet Owners Struggle as PMC's Incinerator Shortage Persists(representational Image)

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is facing criticism from pet owners and animal lovers due to the lack of adequate incinerators for the disposal of dead animals. Despite promises made by PMC to establish another facility in Bavdhan by November 2023, the project has been delayed, leaving residents grappling with the issue.

The existing incinerator at Naidu Hospital premises, meant for both small and large animals, is frequently overloaded and undergoes maintenance, exacerbating the problem. The surge in the number of dead animals brought to the facility has been significant, with 952 animals cremated in 2023-24, highlighting the pressing need for additional infrastructure.

Constructed in 2018, the current incinerator setup is struggling to cope with the rising demand, prompting calls for upgraded facilities to meet modern standards. Moreover, concerns have been raised about the lack of transparency regarding cremation services for stray animals and the inadequate number of vehicles for carcass removal.

Pet owners and animal welfare advocates stress the importance of proper disposal facilities, emphasizing the need for PMC to prioritize this issue given the growing pet population in the city. They urge pet lovers to utilize the available facility for the dignified cremation of deceased animals, while PMC officials have announced plans to install two additional incinerator units to address the shortage effectively.

As the deadline for the Bavdhan facility approaches, residents hope that PMC will expedite the project and ensure seamless access to essential services for pet owners and animal caregivers across Pune.

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