Pune : PMC holds meeting with landowners from Mundhwa to tackle traffic issues

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In an effort to address the persistent traffic congestion problem in Mundhwa, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) organized a meeting with local residents of Keshavnagar-Mundhwa. 

The meeting, held at the PMC premises, was attended by key officials, including the additional Commissioner of PMC, Vikas Dhakne, MLA Chetan Tupe, and police personnel. Notably, the gathering also welcomed land owners who had previously been reluctant to provide their land for road widening.

During the meeting, it was revealed that the land owners have expressed willingness to surrender their land for the purpose of road widening, on the condition that they receive fair compensation from the administration. The civic authorities are presently reviewing the technical aspects of the matter, and a final decision is expected to be reached in the near future.

The Mundhwa-Keshavnagar traffic jam has been a significant concern for the city, causing considerable inconvenience to residents. Commuters often find themselves stuck in traffic for extended periods, particularly during peak hours. However, the issue of road widening has remained unresolved due to challenges associated with land acquisition. PMC officials and local politicians have previously cited the reluctance of villagers to part with their land as the primary obstacle.

Local MLA Chetan Tupe, who represents the affected area, was present at the meeting and took to Twitter to announce that the land owners are now prepared to offer their lands, provided they receive appropriate compensation. The willingness expressed by the land owners marks a potential breakthrough in finding a solution to the long-standing traffic congestion problem in Mundhwa.

Chetan Tupe told Pune Pulse that the discussion was held with the land owners from the area and PMC to arrive at a conclusion to resolve the traffic issues. Residents of the area have been facing severe inconvenience due to the road issues.