Pune : PMC instructs ward offices to inspect bulk waste generators

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Pune : PMC instructs ward offices to inspect bulk waste generators

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has instructed all ward offices to immediately inspect the bulk waste generators with the help of PMC health inspectors regarding the wet waste disposal system.

As per further information shared by the PMC, any establishments (houses, bungalows, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, colleges, universities, other educational institutions, hostels, hotels, government offices, commercial establishments, markets, buildings or undertakings of Central Government, State Government, private companies, religious places, stadiums, sports complexes etc) generating 100 kg of waste per day must dispose of it in their own premises mandatorily through composting etc.

The Pune Municipal Corporation has prepared a detailed list of bulk waste generators such as hospitals, hotels, colleges, societies & any other establishments, generating 100 kg of waste per day, which has been made available to all PMC Assistant Commissioners.

The PMC ward offices have been informed from time to time about implementation of wet waste disposal system in the premises of all Bulk Waste Generators (BWGs) under PMC jurisdiction by giving notice to the establishments where the wet waste disposal system is not operational and taking penal action where necessary.

However, the daily report shows that there is no effective penal action against the bulk waste generators whose wet waste disposal systems are not operational. Similarly, unnecessary additional burden of handling wet waste of these establishments is falling on the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Hence, after direct inspection of all the BWGs in PMC jurisdiction, if wet waste disposal systems are not operational there, penal action should be taken against establishments that do not comply with this.

The PMC has ordered ward offices that within the next 7 days, all bulk waste generators coming under the ward offices should be inspected through the concerned health inspectors and senior health inspectors. 

Disposal of biodegradable waste generated by bulk waste generators must be done through composting etc on their premises. It should be ensured at PMC ward office level that the wet waste of the concerned bulk waste generators is not picked up through the municipal system & that they dispose of it off on their own.

Shreyas Vange

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