Pune: PMC proposes Rs 840 crore plan for STP modernization

Pune: PMC proposes Rs 840 crore plan for STP modernization

Pune: PMC proposes Rs 840 crore plan for STP modernization ( Representational Image )

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Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has submitted a revised proposal worth Rs 840 crore for the state government to modernize six sewage treatment plants (STP) within its limits. The proposed project aims to enhance efficiency and renew existing infrastructure, while also incorporating advanced purification technologies to improve water quality. The existing plants, which have a combined capacity of 477 million liters per day, have been in operation for over 15 years.

The PMC has engaged Mahatma Phule Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Technology Limited (MAHAPREIT) as expert consultants. 

Furthermore, the PMC’s river improvement project (JAICA) has prioritized the inclusion of disc filter units for tertiary treatment, aligning with stringent water quality standards mandated by the National Green Tribunal (NGT). Funding for the project will be sourced through a combination of central and state allocations of 60% and PMC funds of 40%, disbursed in phases as per the project timeline. The revised proposal will now be forwarded to the state government for final approval, marking a crucial milestone in Pune’s efforts to modernize its sewage treatment infrastructure.

“We had sent a proposal of Rs 417 crore to the state government for the renovation of the sewage treatment plants,” stated Srinivas Kandul, head of PMC’s electrical department. It has also received approval. However, to purify water for the STP projects—which are expected to cost about Rs 840 crore—we have updated our report. In light of this, we have submitted the plan; nevertheless, if it is rejected, we will be forced to utilize the available money for the project.