Pune: PMC To Dig 500 km of Roads for Optic Fiber Cable Installation for Disaster Management Command Center

Pune: PMC To Dig 500 km of Roads for Optic Fiber Cable Installation for Disaster Management Command Center

Pune: PMC To Dig 500 km of Roads for Optic Fiber Cable Installation for Disaster Management Command Center

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Pune, 30 May 2024 –

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is set to undertake a major infrastructure project involving the excavation of 500 kilometers of roads to lay Optic Fiber Cable (OFC) throughout the city. This initiative is part of a Central Government-funded project to establish an Integrated Command and Control Centre designed to monitor and manage natural calamities effectively.

The OFC installation will ensure connectivity for all municipal offices, schools, hospitals, and other critical infrastructure, integrating them into a comprehensive disaster management network. This project is particularly timely given Pune’s recent history of severe monsoon flooding due to intense rainfall.

Pune is among seven cities included in the Central Government’s urban flood risk management plan for 2023 to 2028. The plan, which also covers Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad, aims to mitigate urban flooding through improved infrastructure and disaster response systems. Pune has been allocated a fund of approximately ₹250 crore for this purpose.

Reasons for Road Excavations:

  1. Lack of Existing Service Ducts: Pune’s roads currently do not have ducts for service channels, necessitating excavation for new installations.
  2. Previous Utility Installations: Past roadworks for laying water and gas pipes, as well as mobile and internet cables, have also required extensive digging.
  3. Common Water Supply Scheme: The ongoing project to lay water pipes has contributed to the need for further road excavations.
  4. Command Center Cables: The latest requirement to lay optic fiber cables for the command center adds to the list of reasons for road digging.

Despite receiving the funds just before the monsoon season, the excavation work will commence post-monsoon, adhering to the code of conduct for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This delay aims to avoid exacerbating road conditions during the rainy season.

Budget and Project Details:

  • Command Control Room Investment: The Municipal Corporation has allocated ₹54 crore for setting up the Integrated Command Control Center, including the cost of laying the optic fiber cables.
  • Project Approval and Internet System Setup: Approved by the Central Government, the project includes the establishment of an internet system to connect and control all municipal systems online.
  • Partnership and Implementation: The government organization ‘Mahapreit’ is tasked with implementing the project, ensuring the seamless integration of the optic fiber network.

Key Project Components:

  1. Disaster Management Center Creation: A specialized center will be established for managing natural disasters.
  2. C-DAC Planning: The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has developed a detailed plan for the project.
  3. Comprehensive Connectivity: Municipal offices, hospitals, schools, traffic signals, and CCTV cameras will be connected through the optic fiber network.
  4. Digital Billboard Integration: Municipal digital billboards will be linked via the new cables.
  5. Private Internet Service: ‘Mahapreit’ will provide internet services through the optic fiber to various establishments.
  6. No Excavation Charges: There will be no additional charges for the excavation work required for this project.
  7. Extensive Cable Network: 500 kilometers of optic fiber cables will be installed across the city.
  8. Revenue Share: The PMC will receive a share of the income generated from this project.

This significant infrastructure upgrade aims to enhance Pune’s disaster management capabilities and improve overall connectivity, ensuring the city is better prepared for future challenges.