Pune : PMC Urges Citizens To Take Tree Related Activities Before Arrival Of Monsoon

Pune Municipal Corporation Cuts Water Supply to Recover Property Tax Arrears From Defaulters

Pune Municipal Corporation Cuts Water Supply to Recover Property Tax Arrears From Defaulters

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The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has issued a fervent plea to the citizens of Pune, emphasizing the importance of addressing tree-related concerns before the onset of the rainy season. With heavy rains looming, the PMC warns of potential hazards posed by falling trees and branches, which often lead to traffic disruptions and safety risks.

Citizens are urged to take proactive measures, especially regarding dead or diseased trees that could be susceptible to falling during storms, fires, lightning, or heavy rains. The PMC advises property owners to seek permission for the complete removal or replanting of such trees, or for pruning branches, by submitting applications to the relevant field office. Obtaining permission from the designated Tree Officer is essential to ensure the safe removal or trimming of trees, thereby mitigating risks to life and property.

Under the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Preservation of Trees Act, 1975, it is prohibited to cut down trees in urban areas without prior authorization from the Tree Authorities. Violators of this law face penalties, including fines and imprisonment, as stipulated by the Act.

The PMC emphasizes compliance with the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Tree Preservation Act 1975 and related regulations, operating under the guidance of directives issued by the High Court of Bombay and the Government of Maharashtra. Any tree removal or branch trimming necessitated by development projects or safety concerns must be sanctioned by the Chairman of the Tree Authority or the designated Tree Officer.

Furthermore, the PMC reiterates that unauthorized actions such as burning, cutting, or harming trees are strictly prohibited and punishable by law. Offenders may face fines proportional to the value of the tree removed and possible imprisonment.

For urgent tree removal or branch trimming within Pune Municipal Corporation limits, citizens are encouraged to contact the Tree Officer at the respective Regional Office or reach out to the Fire Department. Contact details are available on the PMC’s official website, ensuring swift response and assistance during emergencies. Contact No. – 101, 020-26561706 / 26451707.

In conclusion, the PMC’s appeal underscores the collective responsibility of citizens to safeguard Pune’s greenery and mitigate risks associated with tree-related hazards. By adhering to regulatory protocols and seeking appropriate permissions, residents can contribute to a safer and more resilient urban environment, especially as the monsoon season approaches.

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