Pune resident seeks improvement in online complaint redressal and RTI processing at PMC 

Pune : PMC Under Fire: Wagholi Residents Take Legal Action Over Alleged Corruption and Poor Services

Pune : PMC Under Fire: Wagholi Residents Take Legal Action Over Alleged Corruption and Poor Services

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A resident of Navi Peth in Pune has requested the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to expedite the complaint resolution process & the processing of Right to Information (RTI) applications.

As per further information shared by Vikrant Latkar, a resident of Navi Peth, Pune, “I am requesting improvements in the processes followed by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for resolution of complaint cases filed with PMC, handling of Right to Information (RTI) applications filed with PMC.”

Latkar further shares,

Concerns Regarding Resolution of Complaints:

·         Casual Closure of Complaints: Complaints are often closed carelessly by PMC staff without any reasonable or professional response, resolution detail, or evidence of work done.

·         Inefficient Departmental Transfer: Cases are closed instead of being transferred to the relevant departments.

·         Circular Passing of Cases: There is a tendency to pass cases circularly between departments like health, environment, and electrical.

·         Budget-related Complaint Closure: Complaints requiring budgets are instantly closed with a mere mention of the need for budgets but are never revisited for resolution.

·         Lack of Follow-Up Vigilance: Issues such as encroachments and garbage, which require continuous vigilance post-resolution, are completely neglected.

·         Traffic Department Coordination: Complaints requiring reports from the traffic police department, like those for speed-breakers or traffic signals, remain unresolved due to inefficient process coordination.

Issues with RTI Processing:

·         Delayed Responses: The mandated 30-day response time is frequently disregarded, with delays even when departments have the documents readily available.

·         Delayed RTI Diversions: It often takes 60 days for departments to redirect RTIs to other relevant departments or to update on the unavailability of documents.

·         Invalid RTI Rejections: RTIs are rejected if they exceed 500 words, often after a 60-day delay, which is not a valid reason as per the amended RTI Act.

·         Lack of Professionalism Compared to Central Government Departments: Central government departments respond within 7 days and create sub-RTI tokens for cases involving multiple departments. This level of professionalism is missing in PMC’s operations.

·         Inadequate Appeal Hearings: During appeal hearings, the CIO is often absent for hours, and verbal responses are provided instead of written ones. The minutes recorded by PMC do not accurately reflect these proceedings.

·         Ignorance of Court Verdicts: Departments are not aware of all verdicts from Honorable Court cases and fail to include all detailed recommendations/mandates mentioned in orders from the Honorable Courts, making it impossible to obtain comprehensive compliance reports through the RTI mechanism.

Vikrant Latkar further continues “In a city like Pune, known as an educational and industrial hub, this kind of unprofessional handling of cases and RTIs is not only undemocratic but also undermines the city’s prestige. I earnestly request the Maharashtra Government and the PMC Commissioner to address these issues promptly and improve the system. It is crucial to maintain and enhance the pride and efficiency of PMC in serving its residents.”

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