Pune River Front Development : PMC Pune clarifies misconceptions about tree removal for River Revitalization Project


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On 29 April Pune Municipal Corporation issued a clarification about the misconceptions regarding the Mula Mutha River Rejuvenation Project, which has sparked discussion on social media regarding the potential felling of thousands of trees along the river. The project department of the Pune Municipal Corporation has stated that there will be no large-scale felling of trees during the project. 

To address the concerns, a video was broadcast on behalf of the project department of the Municipal Corporation, featuring Yuvraj Deshmukh, Superintendent Engineer of Pune Municipal Corporation. Deshmukh provided detailed information on the trees affected by the project, stating that under the river improvement project, work is being done to develop ten kilometers of the river bank initially, and only necessary trees will be removed. 

Deshmukh further explained that of the approximately 3,000 trees to be removed, 96% are of the Subabhul and Kubabhul species, which grow uncontrollably. The removed trees will be replanted with 60 to 65 thousand trees of local species, which will be planted along the river in a well-planned manner. The trees will provide shade, fruits, and flowers for birds and wildlife and will complement the river. The experts from an organization studying in Botany in Bangalore have done a technical study of what type of trees should be along the river, and those trees will be planted.

The project department of the Pune Municipal Corporation emphasized that no tree of local species will be removed for the river improvement project. The river revitalization project aims to restore the river’s ecological balance and make it more attractive for visitors.