Pune River Revival and Jeevitnadi organize photo contest Mula – Mutha river conservation

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Pune, June 1, 2023: Pune River Revival, spearheaded by Jeevitnadi and other like-minded organizations, in association with the Centre for Internet and Society, is organizing a photography competition “Mula Mutha Nadi Darshan 2023”. The competition is organized to bring punekars closer to Mula and Mutha rivers. 

Speaking about the contest, Rekha Joshi, a member of the coordinating team stated, “ Mula and Mutha rivers are the lifelines of Pune. However, these rivers are being used to carry urban and industrial waste. So, this competition and campaign have been organized with the intention that the people of Pune should come to the banks of the river and the said water sources to see the beauty of our rivers and their water sources, the biodiversity on their banks and the stress and destruction that has happened to them.”

The participants can submit entries on various topics:

1) Construction on the riverbanks. 

2) Biodiversity 

3) Activities being carried out in rivers. 

4) Festivals and rivers 

5) Floods 

6) Pollution

The participants can submit their entries from May 15, 2023, to June 30, 2023. Winners will get exciting prizes.

The participants can register in the following link-


Shreyas Vange