Pune Rural Police Encourage Women to Speak Up Against Harassment: Dial 112 or 1091

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By: Pune Pulse

July 15, 2023

Pune: Intending to reduce crime against women, the Pune Rural Police has urged all women in Pune to fearlessly inform the police about the crimes happening against them.

As per information from the official Twitter handle of Pune Rural Police, two emergency helpline numbers specially dedicated to filing complaints about crimes against women must be saved by all women on their phones. They must inform the police immediately about the crimes happening against them in buses, schools, colleges & anywhere else.

As soon as the police get the information about the crime, they will immediately rush to the spot and help the woman. The emergency helpline numbers are 112 and 1091.

Pune Rural Police encourages all women in Pune to keep informing the police about crimes happening against them without any fear as the move will help & save them.

Shreyas Vange