Pune: Shivajinagar Area Records Warmest Night Since 2013 on May 22

Pune: Shivajinagar Area Records Warmest Night Since 2013 on May 22

Pune: Shivajinagar Area Records Warmest Night Since 2013 on May 22

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Pune, May 23, 2024 – Shivajinagar, a prominent area in Pune, experienced its warmest night since 2013, with temperatures reaching 27.3 degrees Celsius on May 22. According to data from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), this is the highest nighttime temperature recorded in the area since 2014, when it reached 26.6 degrees Celsius. This unusual heat has caused significant discomfort for residents.

Heat Wave Alert

The IMD has forecasted continued high temperatures for Pune, predicting both minimum and maximum temperatures to remain elevated. The city is expected to face a heat wave for the next 48 hours, exacerbating the already warm conditions.

Historical Weather Records

Several weather records have been set in Shivajinagar this year. Besides experiencing the warmest night since 2013, the area also recorded its second-highest rainfall in over a decade. The night temperature on May 22 was 4 degrees Celsius above normal.

Anupam Kashyapi, former head of the weather and forecasting division at IMD Pune, explained the factors contributing to the higher nighttime temperatures.

“High temperature, high moisture incursion, and 6 octa cloud development are leading to a significant increase in nighttime temperatures. The presence of clouds prevents longwave radiation from escaping the Earth’s surface, resulting in warmer and uncomfortable nights,” said Kashyapi.

Daytime temperatures have also been on the rise in Pune. On May 21, the temperature peaked at 40 degrees Celsius, which is 4.3 degrees above the normal level. Although it slightly dropped to 38.9 degrees Celsius on May 22, there is a high probability that daytime temperatures will rise again due to the ongoing heatwave.

The IMD has issued a yellow alert for Pune, indicating that the city will likely experience heatwave conditions between May 23 and 25. The heatwave is expected to affect the entire north and northwest regions of India, as well as parts of central India, including Maharashtra. The forecast extends the heatwave warning for Maharashtra from May 22 to May 27.

In response to the heatwave threat, the IMD has issued a heatwave advisory, urging citizens to take necessary precautions to stay safe. Residents are advised to stay hydrated, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, and seek cooler environments whenever possible.

While Pune braces for a heatwave, parts of the Konkan region, including Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri, may experience light to moderate rainfall in the coming days. The IMD has issued a yellow alert for these areas, cautioning residents about the potential for rain.

As Pune continues to endure high temperatures, the local authorities and the IMD remain vigilant, providing regular updates and advisories to ensure public safety during this extreme weather event.