Pune : Sinhagad Road residents raise concern over traffic congestion, noise and dust pollution due to ongoing flyover construction

Pune Pulse
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PUNE: Residents have expressed concerns regarding the ongoing construction of the Sinhagad Road flyover, which is expected to be completed by 2025. Frustrated residents, shopkeepers, and pedestrians have raised issues over noise pollution, dust, traffic congestion, and encroachment.

When asked to nearby hospitals, they reported experiencing daily traffic congestion. Due to the lack of proper parking facilities nearby, commuters often park their bikes in front of the hospital entrance, making it difficult for patients to enter.

Nearby shopkeepers have also complained about the noise pollution, as it hampers their ability to communicate with customers. The dust generated from the construction work accumulates on their products, leaving them dirty. Additionally, during the construction process, water is used for spraying on the structure, which makes the entire road wet and increases the chances of two-wheelers slipping.

Eateries in the vicinity have raised concerns about the spread of dirt, which leads to contamination of their food products. Customers, considering their health, avoid purchasing food from establishments near the construction site, resulting in significant business losses.

Pedestrians have also voiced their dissatisfaction with the narrowing of the road, as it leaves little space for walking.

While talking to Pune Pulse, Sanket Yeolekar, a resident of Sinhagad Road, added, ”Heavy traffic is a constant issue when returning from work. Despite making several complaints, no response has been received. The road also has potholes, making it difficult to travel, especially during the monsoon season. The construction work has further narrowed the road, making commuting very challenging and increasing the risk of accidents at the Suncity turn.”

Another commuter, Manisha Awekar, added, ”We are facing issues of traffic congestion and noise pollution, but we are trying to cooperate with PMC as it is being done for our benefit. We urge them to complete the work as soon as possible so that residents can commute more freely.”

Another commuter, Karuna Aglave, expressed, ”A lot of dust is being produced from the construction work, leading to constant sneezing and red eyes. It takes a significant amount of time to reach even nearby destinations.”

Madhupriya Dhanwate