Pune : Swara Social Foundation quenches thirst by offering summer coolers to motorists on Baner road

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Swara Social Foundation, dedicated to social welfare, has taken an initiative to provide relief to thirsty souls during the scorching summer months. The foundation has served summer coolers to passersby in need of hydration.

This activity began on April 24 and will continue until June 2, with the activity taking place in front of Hotel Bhairavee at Baner Road in Pune. The volunteers from Swara Social Foundation have set up a stall and offer cold juices (summer coolers) to people passing through the streets, providing them with much-needed respite from the heat.

The activity runs for 1 to 3 hours each day. The team at Swara Social Foundation works tirelessly to ensure that as many people as possible are served with cold drinks during the scorching summer months.

“We understand the importance of staying hydrated during the summer season, the mid-day sun is high on heads, so we serve cold drinks like kokum serbat, lemon water or cold water to citizens who are traveling from on road and also we serve to the pedestrians. We aim to provide a small but meaningful contribution to help quench the thirst of those in need and make their day a little better,” informed Rahul Murkute, head of Swara Social Foundation.

The initiative has received overwhelming support from the local community and has already helped many people, including pedestrians, street vendors, and laborers, who have to spend long hours under the blazing sun. Many passers by have expressed their gratitude towards the foundation for their timely assistance.

The foundation hopes to inspire others to join their cause and spread kindness during the sweltering summer months.