Pune : Tax bharo, prize jeeto, PMC’s move to increase tax collection

Pune Pulse Property tax

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has announced a reward scheme to encourage taxpayers to pay their property bills on time. The scheme offers attractive prizes, including electric cars, electric bikes, and various vouchers, to early birds who pay their bills by July 31. Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar has allocated Rs 1 crore in the draft budget for the scheme, and if the response is phenomenal, the prize could be upped to something as attractive as a brand new house next year.

The new bill, which includes the 40-percent discount from May 15, will qualify for the reward scheme from May 30 to July 31. The reward scheme is designed to set a new record in revenue collection in the first two months of property tax collection, which typically generates Rs 900 crores. If the scheme is successful, the PMC will consider increasing the budget for it next year.

Vikram Kumar, commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation said, “The proposal to execute the prizes is being drafted, wherein the tax payers will be rewarded and pay taxes on time. Early bird payers will be picked up through a lottery system. Gifts like electric cars, electric bikes, and other types of vouchers would be kept in lucky draw. If the response is phenomenal, we would also explore to increase the prize by offering a brand new home next year.”

The pre-planned scheme is a part of the budget, wherein commissioner Vikram Kumar announced Rs 1 crore in the draft budget.

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