Pune Teacher Falls Victim to ₹15.1L Cryptocurrency Scam 

Pune Teacher Falls Victim to ₹15.1L Cryptocurrency Scam 

Pune Teacher Falls Victim to ₹15.1L Cryptocurrency Scam 

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Recently, quite a lot of people have been duped by scammers in different ways.

4 June 2024

By Khushi Maheshwari 

A 45-year-old Sus Road school teacher was defrauded of Rs 15.1 lakh by cybercriminals through cryptocurrency fraud between 1st March and 21st July, 2023. Initially, the victim had applied for a complaint with the city’s cybercrime police. On Sunday, a FIR was filed with the Chatushrungi police following its verification.

On Monday, Inspector (crime) Yuvraj Nandre stated that the con artists had contacted the victim and enticed her to invest in cryptocurrency in exchange for large profits. They instructed her to download a trading program for virtual currencies. According to Nandre, the victim carried out the crooks’ instructions and made several transactions totaling Rs 15.1 lakh from her two bank accounts to their accounts. The application indicated that the teacher had made money, but the thieves had denied her access to move the money into her bank account.

The victim asked the scammers multiple times to send the profit to her bank account, but nothing ever transpired. Later, the swindlers requested different sums from the teacher in exchange for getting the total profit, alleging government tax as one of the reasons. After the thieves cut off contact, she realised she had been duped, he claimed.

The policeman stated that in order to follow the money trail, they would be writing to the bank to request information about the financial transactions made by the culprits. In order to share the transactional details, they would also be writing to the application.