Pune : The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute Introduces New Course on Upanishads

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On the auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya, the renowned Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute had launched a new short course titled “Glimpses of Upanishads”, providing a concise initiation into the profound philosophy of Upanishads. The course consists of 7 informative videos, covering various themes such as the linguistic features of the Upanishads, a summary of the 10 major Upanishads, and key concepts like Jiva, Jagat, and Brahman, along with philosophical discourses.

While this module is typically a part of the “Veda Vidya” course, the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute has introduced it as a standalone module for those who are specifically interested in learning about the Upanishads. The course is open to individuals of all ages above 15 years, with no other criteria for eligibility.

The course instructor for “Glimpses of Upanishads” is the esteemed Dr. Gauri Moghe, renowned for her deep understanding and expertise in the field. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate, validating their knowledge of Upanishadic philosophy.

“The course fee for “Glimpses of Upanishads” is set at an affordable price of INR 300/-. To register for the course and gain valuable insights into the profound philosophy of Upanishads and its relevance in today’s world, interested individuals can visit the website https://www.bharatvidya.in/p/glimpses-of-upanishads and enroll themselves, said Chetana Gosavi, The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute.