Pune : The Kalyani School Celebrates Outstanding Success of Class X and Class XII CBSE Students

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The Kalyani School takes immense pride in announcing the exceptional achievements of its students in the recent Class X and Class XII board examinations. The results have been nothing short of remarkable, with the students passing out with flying colours and setting new benchmarks of excellence.

In the Class X examinations, the students of The Kalyani School showcased their dedication, hard work, and academic brilliance. Their stellar performance is a testament to the unwavering commitment of both the students and the dedicated faculty who have consistently guided and nurtured them towards success.

Not to be outdone, the Class XII students of The Kalyani School have also exhibited extraordinary prowess in their respective streams. Whether it be in the fields of Science, Commerce, or Humanities, these students have demonstrated exceptional knowledge, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Their exceptional board examination results serve as a testament to their intellectual capabilities, perseverance, and the school’s commitment to providing holistic education.

The success of the students can be attributed to the comprehensive curriculum, innovative teaching methodologies, and a conducive learning environment provided by The Kalyani School.

“The results of this year are far better than I expected, as this was a year post COVID. Many students had forgotten to put in hard work. I am grateful to my teachers  and students for putting in their best efforts. Math in Grade 12 was a tough paper and so was Chemistry in Grade 12.

I thank the parents for their continued support they gave us and their children during these trying times. To get this kind of a result from this batch is an achievement in itself, ” says Nirmal Waddan, Principal, The Kalyani School. 

Promoted by the Kalyani Group under the aegis of the Akutai Kalyani Charitable Trust, The Kalyani School believes in guiding the mind, body and spirit of the young generation, helping them discover and realize their full potential as individuals and moulding them to be responsible citizens of society. We provide our children with a harmonious, stimulating learning environment; encouraging them to think independently, to respect themselves and others and to value excellence.

It is a co-ed, CBSE school located in Manjri, Pune, Maharashtra, on a sprawling nine acre campus. It is operational from the academic year 2015- 16, currently with classes from Jr. K.G. to Grade XII.

 Grade XII School Toppers 
Sr. NoName of ToppersPercentage
1Annika Seth96.6%
2Annapoorna Narayan95.40%
3Unnati Gogna95.2%
 Grade X School Toppers 
Sr. NoName of ToppersPercentage
1Rishabh Priyash Shah98%
2Anish Mohan Gangavaram97.20%
3Aryaa Mehta97%