Pune to host first-of-its-kind Solar Canvas Art Exhibition being held on Dec 10

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Pune to host first-of-its-kind Solar Canvas Art Exhibition being held on Dec 10

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An unique concept where discarded Solar panels are transformed to amazing pieces of art

Ravi Pittie, Director, Agni Solar Systems Pvt Ltd has conceptualised Solar Canvas, the first ever, one-of-its-kind art exhibition featuring six incredibly talented artists from Pune, who have unleashed their creativity on a canvas unlike anything that they have worked on before — defunct solar panels that have outlived their run time, and created masterpieces! 

The Scintillating Six — Falguni Gokhale, Gauri Gandhi, Payal Garai, Ruby Jhunjunwala, Sachin Nimbalkar and Zen Vartan — have gathered together, propelled by their generous hearts, unique perception and a collective conscience for a sustainable green future, have transferred their inimitable visions on solar panels, to create masterpieces! Proceeds from this event will go to support artists and projects in the area of health, education and community development.

“First of all, a big shout-out to the artists who have used their creative skills and imagination into turning a very difficult medium into a work of art. These art works would be perfectly suited for corporate offices and industries as a reminder to use green energy for sustainable growth,” says Ravi Pittie.

A special viewing of this amazing work of art has been organised by Secure Giving at the Mini Bavaria Motors Showroom in Pune on December 10, 2023 between 6pm and 8pm.

Hyacinth D’Costa, Branch Manager, Secure Giving Pune, adds. “Our experience in the field ensures that each event is meticulously carried out, from concept to execution. Over the years, Secure Giving has carved a niche for itself, with landmark properties like Pause for a Cause, Art for Concern, The Annual Charity Auction and more. We also leverage our expertise and network to create, curate and execute events for organisations based on their specific requirements and business goals”.

About Agni Solar: an organization with a green heart

Agni is a pioneering solar company since 1993. In a way the history of Agni runs concurrent with the history of the solar industry in India. We have never lost sight of our vision: “Develop the use of solar technologies to positively impact the lives of all sections of society, and to play our part in a greener future”. We are a profit driven company but not at the cost of sustainable development.

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