Pune : Toxic water flowing from garbage dumping site in Hadapsar Industrial Estate raises stink

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By: Pune Pulse

June 15, 2023

Pune: Excessive garbage dumping has led to the spilling of harmful chemicals and toxic wastewater in Hadapsar Industrial Estate in Pune causing tension among the workers.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Jaysingh Sampat, Chairman, Hadapsar Industrial Association, expressed his grievance, “We had filed a case against the Pune Municipal Corporation & Pune Cantonment Board to move the garbage depot. In November 2019, the Mumbai High Court had given the verdict in our favour. Still, the garbage depo isn’t moved from Hadapsar Industrial Estate. So, we filed another case in November 2021 for which the hearing is still pending. The garbage dumping & sorting is still being done. As a result, the toxins and chemicals penetrate the soil and also get mixed with water. This polluted water is coming on the streets. Due to that, we have to face a lot of health hazards.”

Arun Kudale, Secretary, St Patricks Town & Former President of Hadapsar Industrial Estate, said “This garbage dumping & toxic wastewater issue is very old. We have been fighting to get it resolved for the last 50 years. The PMC is neglecting the issue. The workers are the most affected and they also face severe health issues due to it. The Hadapsar Industrial Estate has been here for so many decades. People from various other countries visit here. Hence, it should be a 5-star industry with the basic requirement of everyday cleanliness which is not happening. Thus, we request the PMC to take note of it as it is high time now & generate funds and concrete steps to clean & resolve the issue once & for all.”

Sudhir Chavan, Executive Engineer, Solid Waste Management, PMC, said “A lot of times what happens is that the tanks in the industrial estate leak a lot due to which harmful chemicals are released & toxic water is generated. Hence, we have sent a team to detect the reasons. Once it is detected, concrete steps will be taken in 2 to 4 days to ascertain a solution.”

Shreyas Vange