Pune : Traffic congestion at Mundhwa Chowk worries residents

Pune : Traffic congestion at Mundhwa Chowk worries residents

Pune : Traffic congestion at Mundhwa Chowk worries residents

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By: Pune Pulse

September 22, 2023

Pune: In contemporary society, we are confronted with numerous challenges, one of which is the escalating issue of traffic congestion. The problem of traffic in cities such as Pune is progressively worsening with each passing day. 

The primary factors contributing to the congestion at Mundhwa Chowk include the narrow road, unauthorized construction on the roadside, densely populated areas, and inadequate traffic management.

While talking to Pune Pulse, Mehzabin Saiyed, a Social Activist, stated, ” There is a bottleneck at the Mundhwa Chowk. One has to wait on the bridge to cross the signal. The encroachment needs to be dealt with, the road widened on priority, or a flyover built. The new riverside bridge has added to the chaos. There was a puncture opposite Ujjivan Bank, which was sealed. Also, a puncture needs to be made after the bridge where the new road is connected.”

Another resident, Zeba Sayed, expressed her concern, saying, “As a resident of this area, it’s deeply concerning to witness the daily worsening of traffic at Mundhwa Bridge, especially during peak hours. The growing congestion not only extends our commute time but also adds stress to our daily routines. While it’s promising that authorities are considering solutions like bridge expansion and improved public transport, it’s equally important for us as residents to contribute by exploring sustainable commuting options and considering alternate routes.”

Chirag Mehta, another resident, added, “Commuters are facing numerous difficulties due to traffic congestion. Flyovers should be constructed to alleviate the congestion. Heavy vehicles should be prohibited, and diversions should be planned in such cases.”

While talking to Pune Pulse, Rajkumar Shere, Senior Police Inspector, Planning, added, ”We have brought the waiting period to 10 mins. Construction and tarring of the riverside road will be done once the monsoon is over as it is impossible to carry out work due to city rains.”

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