Pune: Trash Pile-Up Outside Tesla’s Viman Nagar Office Sparks Concerns Among Residents

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A user on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) shared a disturbing image on Sunday evening. The photo showed a large amount of trash piled up outside the office of Tesla, a well-known American electric car manufacturer. This office is located in Pune’s Viman Nagar.

Accompanying the photograph, the user expressed concern, stating, “This is right in front of the newly acquired @Tesla India office in Pune, located in Viman Nagar. Can we truly expect Tesla to choose #Pune when the @PMCPune can’t even maintain clean surroundings?”

The post comes shortly after numerous X users campaigned for Tesla CEO Elon Musk to consider Pune as the location for its upcoming advanced manufacturing facility.

Recent reports reveal Tesla’s earnest endeavours to bolster its foothold in the Indian market, actively scouting for an appropriate site to establish a cutting-edge manufacturing plant. Both the state governments of Maharashtra and Gujarat have reportedly extended attractive land offers to the company. The proposed plant, projected to demand an investment ranging from USD 2 billion to USD 3 billion, aims to cater to both local and global demand for Tesla’s electric vehicles.

Amidst the advocacy for Pune as the preferred destination, citing its “best automotive talent and ecosystem in the country,” the trash heap outside Tesla’s Viman Nagar office has sparked frustration among X users.

“People have no sense of pride in where they live. They treat the entire country like a toilet. No municipal corporation can keep cleaning up the mess until the people themselves improve,” remarked one X user.

“We always blame the government body for everything, but are not ready to change the behaviour of people,” added another user.

The incident underscores broader concerns regarding civic responsibility and cleanliness, potentially influencing Tesla’s decision to select its manufacturing site in India.