Pune : Trees allegedly cut in Ashoka Summit society in Kondhwa to make space for vehicle parking 

Pune : Trees allegedly cut in Ashoka Summit society in Kondhwa to make space for vehicle parking

Pune : Trees allegedly cut in Ashoka Summit society in Kondhwa to make space for vehicle parking

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Residents of Ashoka Summit Society in Kondhwa allege that trees have been felled inside the society, purportedly to construct parking space.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, a Resident of Ashoka Summit Society, requesting anonymity, said “Several trees have been cut in our society without permission from the PMC, supposedly to create a parking space. Don’t know if those cut trees will be re-planted or not. Several trucks came & carried loads of wood of the felled trees & went. We have raised complaints to the PMC regarding this. The PMC officials came, took photos & told us that they will issue notices to the concerned.”

As per further information from the complaint letter shared by the resident, in the society, the construction of a parking shed has been started by felling and cutting some eight or ten trees in the open space of the society. A large number of trees had grown in this place for many years. But a few days ago, trees fell in this place. In that, with the help of appropriate tools, trees like Coconut, Chikoo (Sapodilla), Sitafal, Bamboo etc have been cut & a parking space is being constructed at this place.

Hence, the society residents have requested the PMC to visit the society, investigate and take legal action under the Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975 and other relevant rules against the management committee of the society and stop the ongoing parking construction at the place.

However, the society’s management committee has denied the allegations of felling of complete trees, saying that only those branches, which were proving to be hazardous to some society residents as they were almost entering their houses, have been cut with permission from the PMC.

Vijay Nevse, Tree Officer, PMC, said “We received an application regarding tree cutting in Ashoka Summit society. We will send an officer to inspect the situation & issue notice to the concerned people if found violating the rules.”