Pune : Viman Nagar residents troubled by increasing illegal hoardings

Pune : Viman Nagar residents troubled by increasing illegal hoardings

Pune : Viman Nagar residents troubled by increasing illegal hoardings - Pune pulse

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By: Pune Pulse

September 19, 2023

Pune: Residents of Viman Nagar are in distress as the issue of illegal high-rise hoardings, flex, posters etc is increasing frequently.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Raja Subramani, Resident of Lunkad Heritage 2, Viman Nagar said, “The hoardings cover the entire traffic sign boards due to which it becomes impossible for commuters to check directions. Also, these are tied or put up in a very weak manner so, when a strong wind comes, it may move here are there or it may fall. Mostly, these hoardings are put up when some powerful person’s birthday or any other significant event is there. There are various other problems happening due to this flex issue. It is prevalent not only in Viman Nagar but also in Lohegaon, Wagholi and many more. When we remove these hoardings, they are put back by someone else again.”

Krupali Bhatt, a resident of Hermes Drome Society, Viman Nagar said, “These hoardings cover major things on the road like traffic signals, important boards etc. There are hoardings in the area which cover traffic signals due to which people don’t get to know if there is a traffic signal over here. It raises concerns about the safety of people. Also, there are hoardings covering some boards like a hospital board, clinic board etc. So, this has honestly become very severe.”

Ravi Iyer, a resident of Lunkad Colonnade 1, Viman Nagar said, “The hoardings pose a significant threat to anyone, whether you are a pedestrian, a bike rider, a car rider etc. People, who aren’t very relevant or who haven’t done anything, also put up their hoardings unnecessarily. The concerned authorities aren’t taking any action against this issue. People who put up their hoardings must be penalized immediately. I hope that this severe issue will get resolved soon.”

As per information, some disadvantages of the illegal hoardings are:

· Environmental Hazard: Flex banners are made of non-biodegradable plastic materials, contributing to pollution and harm to local flora and fauna.

· Visual Pollution: The visual clutter created by flex banners detracts from the beauty of the locality, negatively impacting the overall ambiance.

· Safety Concerns: These banners often obstruct visibility at road junctions and pedestrian crossings, potentially leading to accidents. 

· Unsanctioned Campaigns: Banners advertising private events, especially birthdays, violate the intent of public spaces and are typically placed without the requisite permissions. 

· Educated Offenders: It is particularly disheartening to see educated individuals flouting regulations and participating in this practice even after awareness campaigns.

· Waste of Resources: A considerable amount of resources, including time, money, and materials, are wasted on the production and installation of flex banners.

· Erosion of Community Pride: Flex banners can erode the sense of community pride by turning vibrant public spaces into eyesores.

Qaneez Sukhrani, a Pune Citizens’ Activist said, “These illegal flex, posters, skyscrapers, etc. are on the increase in Viman Nagar area. While driving, it becomes very difficult to properly look forward as these flexes and posters cover a significant amount of area. Also, these posters are not properly tied as they can be tied to anything such as bamboo sticks etc after which they could fall on anyone. I have been complaining about this to the PMC and other authorities too but no one has done anything about this.”

Arjun Jagtap, President of Viman Nagar Residents Association said, “The issue of illegal hoardings is becoming very severe in Viman Nagar. Hence, the PMC must take strict action against people who put up hoardings illegally, violating every relevant rule.”

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