Pune : Water Scarcity Plagues Porwal Road, Blame on PMC’s Inaction Regarding Pipeline Leaks

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Pune, June 14, 2023: Porwal Road is currently facing a severe water scarcity crisis, exacerbated by the frustrating lack of action taken to address pipeline leaks. The Lohegaon Residents Welfare Association has taken to Twitter to draw attention to this issue, expressing the growing concern and frustration of the community.

A tweet from the association highlighted the dire situation, stating, “There is a significant water scarcity on Porwal Road, and even when societies request water tankers, they are being denied due to ‘No Water’ availability.” The tweet further revealed that the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has allowed water wastage at multiple locations, without taking any action to rectify the ongoing leaks for the past five days.

Pune Pulse spoke to Manoj Khese, a resident of Dhanori, he said, “Our area is water deprived. The water cut on every Thursday has worsened the problem. There is no water at times from Thursday till Saturday. PMC should make some plan to ensure that adequate water is provided.” 

Residents are increasingly worried about the inconsistent water supply from the PMC, as well as the corporation’s apparent indifference towards the situation. They are particularly disheartened by the PMC’s failure not only to ensure regular water distribution but also to address the urgent matter of water wastage resulting from pipeline leakage.

The prolonged duration of the water leakage, coupled with the PMC’s perceived lack of initiative, has worsened the difficulties faced by residents already grappling with water scarcity. Consequently, frustration and a sense of neglect have been escalating among those residing in the affected areas.

The residents of Porwal Road are hopeful that swift action will be taken to resolve these pressing issues and guarantee that everyone in their community has access to the water they need.

When Pune Pulse spoke to Aniruddha Pawaskar, head, water supply, Pune Municipal Corporation, he said, “There are two lines, 1200 mm and 600 mm diameter operational in that area. The leakage has to be removed when the lines are dry. Tomorrow is the weekly closure. Work is being taken up tomorrow.”