Pune Weather Update : IMD predicts thunder activities and strong winds

Pune: The Indian Meteorological Department has issued a weather advisory for the city of Pune and adjoining areas, warning of thundery activity, lightning, short period of strong winds, and very light to light rain. 

The advisory is effective from today, April 24 onwards and the chances of such weather conditions are expected to increase gradually.

According to the weather department, the temperature is expected to be high during the day, with moisture in the air leading to local instability and the formation of convective clouds in the afternoon and evening. The public is advised to be careful during the period of lightning, strong wind, and short intense spells of rain, and to keep an eye on weather updates from time to time.

During this period, due to the presence of clouds even at night, the minimum temperature is also expected to rise, making both day and night conditions feel partially uncomfortable.

The Shivajinagar weather observations as of 8:30 am IST today show a minimum temperature of 18.9°C, relative humidity of 43%, and no rainfall. The seasonal rainfall so far has been recorded at 46.7 mm.

Residents of Pune city and adjoining areas are advised to take necessary precautions and stay updated on the weather conditions during this period.

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