Pune Welcomes Asia’s First Ellie: An Animatronic Elephant Delighting Young Visitors Until March 24

Pune Welcomes Asia's First Ellie: An Animatronic Elephant Delighting Young Visitors Until March 24

Pune Welcomes Asia's First Ellie: An Animatronic Elephant Delighting Young Visitors Until March 24

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A joint initiative by PETA India and city-based Frida Art House

Pune, 21 March 2024 : Asia’s first, ‘Ellie  -The Animatronic Elephant’ is all set to meet her young friends from 19th to 24th March 2024 at Frida Art House at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Yerawada, Pune.  The first-of-its-kind innovative educational initiative is being introduced by city-based Frida Art House in partnership with People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India. There is no entry fee to meet ‘Ellie’, this beautiful animatronic elephant, however, prior registration is recommended.

Speaking about the initiative Shraddha Gite, Founder of Frida Art House said, ‘The idea is to create awareness about animal well-being and welfare. It’s a significant step towards raising awareness and instilling compassion in our younger generations about animals. We want students to join us at Frida Art House as we embark on this mission to make a difference with ‘Ellie- the Animatronic Elephant’ to ignite change and create a brighter future for all living beings.”

Standing tall at 6.5 feet, Ellie is a 12-year-old hyperrealistic captivating creation, a powerful tool designed to engage and educate children about animal welfare. With the enchanting voice of well known actress Dia Mirza, Ellie offers a unique interactive experience aimed at shedding light on the challenges faced by elephants and the importance of animal rights. Through engaging sessions, Ellie inspires empathy and encourages children to become advocates for animal welfare.

Designed and developed by Prasun Basu, Ellie was developed by seamlessly integrating traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies to bring imagination to life in tangible forms. From working with materials like plaster and clay to advanced substances like polyurethane and silicone, Prasun has extended his mastery from traditional sculpting to laser cutting and 3D printing. His versatility transcends various styles, spanning from hyper-realistic to stylized, mechanized, miniature, wearables, and prosthetics. With an adept hand and an innovative mind, Prasun Basu transforms concepts into captivating creations across a spectrum of mediums and aesthetics.

Children can experience ‘Ellie’ 11.30am-12.30pm and 2.30pm to 5.30pm from 19th to 24th March. Hourly slot booking in advance is recommended to avoid crowding. Each slot accommodates 100 people. For registration please contact: 9767442222 or [email protected]

Check the video of this beautiful concept on the youtube link given below

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