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‘Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.’ These beautiful inspiring lines are written by Rabindranath Tagore.

When you read such lines you feel a spark of motivation, a thrill, a desire. Such is the beauty of reading. It fills a person with positivity and happiness.

It gives you the feeling that nothing is impossible in this world, there’s nothing you cannot achieve. 

Reading is an activity which does not just relax our mind, but it also helps us to enhance in various ways. It helps to improve our communication skills, increase in vocabulary, general knowledge, memory and with all this it leads to increase in our confidence. So, it can be said that reading is a hobby with a lot of advantages. When we read about what happened in the past, what’s going around in the world today, about great people it not only increases our knowledge but widens our perspective and influences the way we see the world. Today’s era is the era of technology where student’s span of concentration is decreasing. Reading helps a person improve their concentration and focus. Also, a person never feels lonely in the company of books. That is why they are considered as a person’s best friend.

 Stephen King once said, “Books are uniquely portable magic.” Reading a book transports us to a different place each time. Such is the magical world of books where imagination has no limit, whereknowledge is unending. You open new doors to enlighten yourself. The wealth of knowledge which we receive from books can never be taken away from us. Our worldly possessions may come and go but our knowledge will forever stay with us.

It is so truly said that time spent on reading is one stolen from paradise and that is the time where a person learns the most. There are so many different types of books. In fiction we have genres like fantasy, sci-fi, classics, romance, adventures, suspense etc and in non-fiction we have biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, cookbooks, self-help books etc. A person can invest himself in a book of his own choice and genre.

In this busy and fast paced world, reading every day for 10 to 20 minutes can be very relaxing and productive. Don’t we often feel like getting away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle? The world of books is just the right place where we tend to slip away in a different realm, where imagination and knowledge has no boundary. All you have to do is just open a book and immerse yourself. Who knows you may even fall down in a hole like Alice and enter a new world of fantasy or get a valuable advice or solution to your problems?

Mrs. Nimisha Attal

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