Residents await opening of BRTS route between Jagtap dairy signal and Sai chowk

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After the opening of grade separator at Jagtap dairy, people are now demanding to open the BRTS route from Jagtap dairy signal to Sai Chowk.
The Jagtap dairy signal is having many issues for the past many years be traffic congestion, the grade separator, signal issues and many more. Recently the grade separator work got completed and the road is open for all now. But still residents from Pimple Saudagar are having problem in commuting as the road coming from Kalewadi Phata to spot 18 mall is not completed yet. That turn at Jagtap dairy is causing a bit of problem for the commuters. Citizens are demanding to open the BRTS route, to ease the commutation.

“We will start the route within a week. The road formation from Kalewadi phata to spot 18 road is pending. We will get the work done as soon as possible. And will try to open the BRTS route, ” said Shatrughna Kate Corporator.

“It takes so much time to cross the road. The existing way is a bit ordinary, damaging the health of the vehicles and citizens. We demand to open the BRTS route from Gyan Jyoti Savitribai Phule to Sai chowk, till the work is not completed, ” said Sandeep Biswas Resident from Pimple Saudagar. 
“If the road is ready and the bus stops are accessible then we will start the route will connect to the concern department and will start the route soon, ” said Bapu Gaikwad, Executive Engineer, PCMC