Residents irked due to P1 – P2 parking near Raheja Vista Phase 3 to Ganga Florentina

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The residents living in the stretch of Raheja Vista Phase 3 and Ganga Florentina side are in a fix due to the P 1 P2 parking lots. Since most of the societies around the area do not have visitors parking, the residents (visitors) have to park the vehicles outside on the main road.

If a person parks a vehicle in P 1 parking side and does not move the other day, the vehicle remains parked in the no parking area. Such vehicles are then towed by the traffic police and a fine is imposed on the vehicle owner.
The residents have now raised their concerns regarding the same and are demanding that the traffic police should reconsider this and not be heavy on the pocket of the vehicle owners. The residents are demanding that the Traffic police should reconsider the P1 P2 rules in this lane.

When Pune Pulse spoke to the traffic inspector Santosh Sonawane from Kondhwa Traffic Division he said, “Self discipline is a must among the motorists. The P 1 and P2 parking system has been introduced after discussing with the local residents. Societies should find out the solution and provide visitors parking within their premises.’

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