Residents of Kalyani Nagar Raise Voice Against Alleged Encroachments by Restaurants

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The residents of Lane no 6 of Nandanvan Society, Rishi Apartment and so on in Kalyani Nagar are having troubles of no adequate sunlight reaching, noise pollution, encroachments etc by a restaurant since 2 years.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Manisha Navghane, Resident of Nandanvan Society, Lane no 6, Kalyani Nagar, said “This restaurant is just next to my society. It has breached it’s height limit as it is in a residential area and due to it, we daily suffer from absence of sunlight, falling of the metal sheet built on top of it & much more. How did the PMC give permission to build such a huge restaurant in a residential area is beyond my understanding. It does not have an integrated parking space. Hence, people coming to the restaurant park on the road itself. It has been 2 years since this issue is going on. No action has been taken.”

Sachin Agashe, Resident of Rishi Apartment, Lane no 6, Kalyani Nagar, said “No idea who gave the permission for such a huge restaurant to be built here. Metal sheet is there on top of it which could fall anytime, excessive height is there, noise keeps coming from the restaurant night in & night out.”

Rachna Agarwal, Resident of Kalyani Nagar, said “Such a huge vertical structure, blocking the sunlight and aeration to the neighbouring area. There is the cover on the side margin nearly up to the height to the first floor meant for parking which is encroached upon. Other issues due to this restaurant are illegal parking, smoke pollution arising from the diesel genset machine etc. No action has been taken on the ground by any authority.”

Pankaj Joshi, Owner of Happa Restaurant, Kalyani Nagar, said “We have all the necessary permissions from the PMC regarding building of the restaurant. There is no risk of anything to any residents living nearby the restaurant.”

Pune Pulse tried to contact the relevant PMC official but couldn’t connect.

Yogesh Mulik, Corporator, Vadgaon Sheri, said “Earlier, with the help of PMC, we had taken strict action against the restaurant by removing the metal sheet which is illegal. Still, the restaurant has built the metal sheet again. With PMC, we will soon take strict action against the restaurant again.”

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