Residents Of Vihana Society in Mundhwa Immerse in Patriotic Fervor to Celebrate Independence Day

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By Pune Pulse

August 15, 2023

Mundhwa: With the advent of 15th August, a day that resonates with the heartbeat of India’s freedom, the vibrant residents of Vihana Society, Mundhwa, orchestrated a jubilant Independence Day celebration, reverberating with boundless enthusiasm and patriotic fervor.

As the nation unfurls its tricolor flags and adorns itself with vibrant hues of the Indian flag through badges, wristbands, keychains, and other decorative adornments, the spirited denizens of Vihana Society, Mundhwa, embraced the occasion with resounding zeal.

According to Pradeep Unkule, the Chairman of Vihana Society, Mundhwa, the festive spirit unfurled at the stroke of nine in the morning on the auspicious 15th of August. The society’s esteemed members congregated with unwavering pride for the ceremonial flag hoisting. A vibrant tableau of approximately three to four hundred citizens, including 30 to 40 spirited children, adorned the occasion with their presence. Meticulous preparations for the event, including meticulous decorations, were orchestrated by the society’s dedicated caretakers, managers, and vigilant security personnel.

The solemn flag hoisting was a moment embraced by all. Senior citizens of the society conducted a poignant flag-worship ritual, while the dedicated cleaning staff proudly hoisted the tricolor amidst heartfelt salutations. The occasion also witnessed the effervescent participation of the society’s spirited children, who graced the stage with a captivating showcase of their diverse talents. Notably, a captivating karate performance captivated the audience, leaving an indelible mark of excellence.

The presence of esteemed guests, Sandeep Lonkar and Jatin Kamble, added an aura of distinction to the festivities. Sandeep Lonkar, offering insightful guidance, shared valuable information about the prospective amenities and upcoming infrastructural developments in the society, touching upon vital aspects like roads and water supply. Jatin Kamble, equally involved, provided significant insights into the imminent developmental initiatives that would shape the society’s future.

The soul-stirring echoes of patriotic songs, harmoniously presented by the society’s senior citizens Mr. Purohit and Manjusha Purwat, infused an air of reverence and nostalgia. In a touching gesture of gratitude, the society extended its appreciation to these dignitaries and senior citizens by gifting them rose plants.

Following this heartwarming ceremony, the citizens of Vihana Society, Mundhwa, reveled in the joyous camaraderie, indulging in delectable treats including Udid vada, tea, and Bundi laddoo. The seamless execution of the Independence Day festivities was made possible through the unwavering cooperation and coordination of all society members and committee personnel, signifying a collective commitment to upholding the spirit of India’s cherished freedom.

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