Rhythm society residents demand action over people living in open spaces, immediately

Wakad: Residents of Rhythm Housing Society, Wakad are irked because of the people staying illegally on the land that falls under the jurisdiction of the PMRDA (Land owner) and PCMC(Special Planning Authority). They are awaiting  action to be taken by PMRDA who had earlier asked the people to leave the open space by January 31. Residents of the society have warned to stage an intense protest in the next 15 days if no action is taken.

A joint action was taken by the police force, PMRDA and PCMC on January 17 when the people living in illegal huts and shelters were asked to leave as the residents had alleged that these people run illegal rackets of pigs and ganjas which has made the area very unsafe for women and children and the locality as a whole.

The number of huts over the years has increased significantly and are not having any proper sanitation and all the waste is being disposed of into streams and open pits, which has caused various health issues to the  neighboring residents.

Abhijit Garad, a resident of Rhythm Wakad said, “We will wait until the administration takes the action for the next  15 days and if the situation remains the same then we will stage a protest and also complain to the home minister about it. We have already written a letter to Minister Chandrakant Patil about it.”

Another resident of Rhythm society, Nitin Chaudhary, said, “It has become a hell to stay in the society as these people staying here illegally are causing trouble to us. After consuming alcohol they throw the empty bottles in our society premises, they are also operating illegal rackets of pigs and ganjas. We have complained to the administration a number of times but yet no permanent solution has been given to the problem. So as the next step we plan  to protest.”

Mrunal Jadhav

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