Rose Icon society takes steps towards sustainable living

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The members of the Rose Icon society in Pimple Saudagar were in deep trouble due to the increasing menace caused by the tree leaves. But by taking positive steps towards recycling them they have overcome the problem and have successfully developed a system to make manure from leaves.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Ravi Munde Chairman of Rose Icon society in Pimple Saudagar said, “We have about 600 fully grown trees in our society. For the last few years we would send all the fallen leaves in a tempo to a dumpyard. But when we thought that this can be converted into manure we slowly stopped and finally got this tree leaves composting project started.

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I had seen it in my native village where at our farms we used to often dump leaves into a huge square like dumping place and use cow dung in it and use it further as a manure. I implemented this in the society which is spread across 24 acres of area. Now we are able to compost and generate.about 200 kgs of manure. Our expenses from Rs 8000 per trip of tempo carrying leaves to dumpyard has come down to just Rs 500. The first batch was recently given to the society members while the rest of it was used as manure for the society garden. We still have huge quantity left and we plan to give it out to the nearby Corporation gardens. I shall take up this project too very soon.”

Munde said we had just informed our members about the segregation of wet and dry waste and also keep used tea powder separately which is used with the leaves for compositing. Complete support from the residents has given us great results.

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