Shocking Incident In Maharashtra : Eight children molested by bus attendant during school picnic; attendant arrested

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Based on a complaint from parents, the Kapurbawadi police detained a 27-year-old bus attendant of a third-party tour company on Wednesday. The bus attendant is accused of molesting six girls and two boys who are Class II students of a reputable school in Thane.

The alleged incident happened on Tuesday night in the school bus while the kids were coming back from a trip to Ghatkopar’s Kidzania, an indoor theme park. The complaint claims that while distributing the snack boxes, the 27-year-old man from Adventure Education Tours forced the kids to sit on his lap and touched their private areas. As soon as the kids got off the bus at 6 pm, they informed their parents about the abuse because they are taught how to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate touch.

The disgruntled parents went straight to the school administration and received an assurance that the proper action would be taken. Parents realized that eight children had been abused when the school did nothing until 10 p.m., they went to the police station and reported the abuse in the wee hours of Wednesday.

The parents requested that the names of the three teachers who were on the bus be added to the FIR for negligence even though the police had already arrested the accused. The parents further asserted that they were not informed by the school about the participation of an outside tour company.

A parent reported that their daughter had returned from the school trip unhappy. When she claimed that her private area had been touched by her uncle on the bus, they were astounded. She observed two other girls experiencing the same thing. She claimed that the teachers were seated in the front and were not paying attention to what was going on when asked what they were doing.

Another parent said that the man asked her to kiss him if she wanted her water bottle refilled when her daughter went to the bus attendant to ask for water. She had to kiss him despite her fear and reluctance because she was thirsty.

The incident, according to the school’s principal, was disappointing and terrible. In this case, the police officers have acted. For the past few years, they have been planning trips with Adventure Tours and Travels, and they have never encountered any issues of this nature. None of the teachers would have permitted such an incident to occur, and they all treat every child with love and compassion. In order to get all the information the police require from the school, the school is co-operating with the police.

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