Six point agenda announced for river rejuvenation of Mula – Mutha River

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Pune Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar has suggested a six-point strategy that would be put into action over the next four years for the management and revitalization of Mula Mutha River.

A presentation of the river improvement project in the cities of Ayodhya, Aurangabad, Gwalior, and Moradabad in addition to Pune was presented on the second day of the conference. At the session designed to raise money for 25 billion dollars in supply of river development projects over five years, representatives of the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, and KFW Development Bank took part. There was discussion of significant riverine city challenges, coordinated sector-specific funding initiatives, institutional reorganisation, and project development from an economic standpoint.


On the final day of the conference “Dhara 2023,” Commissioner Vikram Kumar gave a presentation. He stated at the time that improving the city’s connection to the river banks, cleaning rivers to reduce pollution, lowering flood risks, establishing a system where residents can visit river banks, recycling water, preserving existing historic structures, recreational, religious, and socio-cultural activities, and ecosystems were all priorities. The municipal corporation is implementing six-point plans to build integrated facilities to address this.

With the aid of a subsidy from the central government, we are putting into action a river purification project in Pune. 44 kilometres of the river’s bank will also be made more beautiful. The 9 kilometre phase is currently under construction. The municipal corporation’s function is carried out simultaneously at two levels in this manner.

Kumar added that Pune represents an endeavour to become the most livable, respectable city in the nation.

Nividita Kelapure 

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