‘Sleeper is the new general…’: Railways responds after viral post on ticketless passengers

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A concerning situation has emerged in the Sleeper Coach of the Bhuj-Shalimar Express, raising alarms about overcrowding and unauthorized passengers. The issue gained attention after a viral post on social media highlighted the challenges faced by travelers due to the influx of ticketless individuals into reserved compartments.

The post, shared on platform X, recounted the ordeal of a passenger aboard the Bhuj-Shalimar Express Sleeper Coach, particularly after departing from Ahmedabad Junction. According to the user, unidentified passengers without tickets occupied reserved seats, leaving legitimate passengers struggling to find accommodation.

“Sleeper coach, reserved S5, 22829 which departed from Ahmedabad a while ago. People without tickets are not moving and giving place to us with reserved tickets. Please help. PNR number – 8413099794 @RailwaySeva @RailMinIndia @AshwiniVaishnaw,” the post’s caption read.

In response, Railway Sewa, the official customer care account of the Railways, assured the user of prompt action, requesting further details for immediate intervention. “Please share your mobile number, preferably via DM, to enable us to take immediate action. You may also raise your concern directly on http://railmadad.indianrailways.gov.in or dial 139 for speedy redressal,” they stated.

The incident sparked outrage among internet users, highlighting broader concerns about compartment allocation and passenger safety. Criticism was directed at the limited availability of general compartments and the associated challenges of traveling in overcrowded conditions.

Furthermore, users urged railway authorities to implement stringent measures to curb unauthorized travel, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and affordability for all passengers. Recent incidents, including a viral video depicting the assault of a Ticket Examiner by ticketless passengers, have further fueled calls for action to address systemic issues within the railway system.

As concerns persist over passenger safety and the integrity of reserved compartments, stakeholders are advocating for comprehensive reforms to ensure a safer and more efficient travel experience for all railway passengers.

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