Smoke emitting from crematorium chokes Wanawadi residents

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Residents of Wanawadi are alleging that the filters installed at crematorium in Wanawadi’s nala park are not functioning properly.

Renuka Suryavanshi
Citizens of Ganga Satellite and others adjoining to the crematorium complained that the smoke emitting from the chimney installed at the crematorium is causing thick smoke.

A resident from Ganga Satellite complained that the chimney is emitting thick smoke after the cremation takes place. The Pune Municipal Corporation should take prompt action and clean them regularly.

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When Pune Pulse spoke to Kalinda Punde, Prabhag 25 Corporator about the smoke emitting and causing health concerns, she said, “In the last few months the crematorium experienced more cremation than before. I have instructed the concerned department to take action.”

When Pune Pulse raised the issue with Srinivas Kandul, head, electrical department, Pune Municipal Corporation said, “The work at the crematorium shall be completed soon.”

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Prashant Jagtap, local Corporator, Prabhag 25 informed that the filters shall be cleaned. The matter regarding maintenance of the crematorium shall be taken up with the concerned department immediately.

Sham Taru, assistant commissioner, Wanawadi Ramtekdi ward office said, “The issue will be raised with the concerned department for further action.”

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