Smoke in Vande Bharat Train, Delay by 20 Minutes

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The Vande Bharat Express, running from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasaragod, experienced an incident where white mist-like smoke entered one of its coaches due to the accidental triggering of the fire safety mechanism in a lavatory. 

The smoke resulted from the activation of the inbuilt fire extinguisher in the lavatory, and no signs of fire or mechanical/electrical defects were detected. According to CCTV footage, an onboard cleaning staff inadvertently pulled the safety catch of the fire extinguisher, causing its activation.

The incident occurred in the C-5 coach of the train in the Kalamassery–Aluva section at 8:55 am. The train was halted, and after inspection by onboard technical staff, it was confirmed that the coach was filled with white mist without any signs of fire or defects. The aerosol-type fire extinguisher fitted inside a toilet was found to be activated during a thorough examination.

Contrary to certain media reports, there was no gas leakage in the coach. The train was stopped at Aluva for approximately 20 minutes until the issue was resolved, and it resumed its journey around 9:24 am. 

Fortunately, no passengers suffered any health problems due to the smoke. Visuals of the incident displayed white smoke in one of the passenger cabins, with passengers being evacuated as a precautionary measure.

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