SpiceJet Aircraft Catches Fire At New Delhi Airport

Pune Pulse
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In a recent incident at New Delhi airport, a SpiceJet aircraft caught fire during engine maintenance works. Fortunately, both the aircraft and the maintenance personnel are confirmed to be safe, according to a statement from the airline company. During the engine ground run at the Airport, one of the engineers noticed a fire warning on the engine, prompting immediate action.

As a safety precaution, the airline promptly summoned a fire brigade to the location to handle the situation effectively. A video of the incident has surfaced on social media and is rapidly gaining attention.

Further details about the cause of the fire and the extent of damage are yet to be disclosed. The airline is likely to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident to identify the root cause and take necessary measures to prevent such events in the future.

Fortunately, the quick response and vigilance of the maintenance team averted any potential disasters, ensuring the safety of all involved. Authorities and experts will be closely analyzing the incident to learn from it and enhance aviation safety standards.

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