SpiceJet Passenger Faces Nightmare After Consecutive Flight Rescheduling

SpiceJet Passenger Threatens Legal Action As He Faces Consecutive Flight Rescheduling Nightmare

SpiceJet Passenger Threatens Legal Action As He Faces Consecutive Flight Rescheduling Nightmare

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SpiceJet’s flight reschedulings draw criticism as Mumbai passenger highlights discrepancies in airline duties.

13th May 2024

By Payoshi Bisht

In a frustrating turn of events, a Pune-based passenger Parag Tyagi’s flying experience turned into a nightmare due to consecutive flight reschedulings by SpiceJet, leaving the passenger in a state of distress.

As per the information received, the flight was scheduled to depart for Ayodhya from Mumbai on 20th May. On 7th May, Tyagi received an email about the cancellation of his scheduled flight, leaving him with the stark choice of rescheduling or opting for a refund. Even after repeated attempts to engage with SpiceJet’s customer service, the issue was still not resolved and it led Tyagi to reschedule his flight by himself. 

However, on 10th May, SpiceJet once again rescheduled his flight without prior notification. Tyagi voiced his concerns regarding the actions taken by SpiceJet, questioning the airline’s authority to cancel or reschedule flights without accountability. He highlighted the disparity in treatment, noting that while airlines penalise passengers for making flight adjustments, they evade similar consequences for their faults.

Tyagi urged the authorities to arrange a flight to Ayodhya by 20th May without compromising his subsequent plans. He firmly rejected SpiceJet’s offer of a full refund due to the airline price surge. 

Tyagi expressed his disappointment with the issue and stated, “I am deeply disappointed and frustrated with SpiceJet’s service. They have put me on a 17-hour delay almost and the airline has refused to provide any assistance or lounge facilities to mitigate their fault. As a result, my travel plans, which involve my family, have been jeopardised. I lodged a complaint with the government’s civil aviation department through airsewa.gov.in, seeking help with the issue.”

He added that he has not received any response from them so far; his complaint status shows ‘solved’ but has not been solved at all yet.