SPPU students ‘sleep on road’ insisting on allocating hostel rooms

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SPPU management cites inadequate rooms as the reason, later agrees to allocate rooms for the remaining students 

Pune: The first-year students at Savitribai Phule Pune University struggle to get a hostel room even after four to five months of completing the admission process. In protest against the college, these students slept on the road on December 12 night.

Giving an explanation about this, the University management stated that a total of 19 hostels including 9 for boys and 10 for girls are functioning on the premises of Savitribai Phule Pune University. About 5000 students have been  admitted to various courses, the demand for hostels is high. More than 3000 students have been accomodated in the hostels within the premises considering the quality and the social reservation. 
The university administration has increased the capacity of the hostels by adding more cots wherever possible but that is not solving the problem. However, while doing so, care has been taken to ensure that the capacity of the system is not violated and habitable facilities are provided to the resident students.

The university has implemented a biometric system for the security of the hostel and so, from 14th December only students admitted to the hostel will be given access.

The students who are not admitted to the hostel must take their accommodation elsewhere and the administration appealed to the students not to participate in any illegal agitation with regard to this. The university administration is very sensitive on this issue and students will be accommodated in a phased manner on vacant seats or newly created seats. Everyone should cooperate with the university in this regard, said the release from the university. 

Mahadev Ranga, ABVP’s Pune University president, said, “More than 500 first-year students have not been allotted the hostel room although the admission process began in August. The first-year students were adjusting with their friends who had been allotted hostel rooms. However, the University administration implemented biometric entry to the hostel, which makes life difficult for students who have not been allocated hostel rooms.” 
He further added, “As the students are appearing for examinations during this period, where will they stay or manage to get other places to stay? Due to this, we staged a protest in University on December 12 night, after which these students were given permission to adjust with the current hostel students and the process of allotting the hostel rooms was initiated.”

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Sanket Bhujade, a student of SPPU said, “I have come to study in Savitribai Phule Pune University and still I don’t have any kind of hostel facility. Neither of my relatives live in this city nor my financial situation is so good that I can stay in a room outside. From time to time, the administration has misled us with fake promises and despite repeated rounds, the administration has not reached a concrete decision. When we protested, we were threatened with a police case saying that we were disturbing the law and order situation.” 

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