Stay Alert !!! Breakfast orders expose fake call center scam in Virar !

Stay Alert !!! Breakfast orders expose fake call center scam in Virar !

Stay Alert !!! Breakfast orders expose fake call center scam in Virar !

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In an unexpected turn of events, a beachside eatery in Virar, near Mumbai, played a crucial role in unveiling a large-scale fake call center operation, leading to the arrest of over 40 individuals in 2023. The eatery’s suspicion was aroused when it began receiving bulk breakfast orders, including idli, dosa, poha, and tea around 4 am in April 2023.

The Arnala police in Virar received a tip-off from the eatery, noting the unusual nature of these early morning food orders. Considering that tourists in the area typically don’t order breakfast at such early hours, the police initiated an investigation.

The police uncovered that these breakfast orders were a facade for the illegal activities of a fake call center. 

The employees at the center were allegedly trained in using fake accents and convincing customers, particularly Australian citizens, to disclose their one-time passwords (OTPs) for accessing their online financial service data.

The investigation led the police to a bungalow in Virar, which housed a dormitory and was allegedly the headquarters for the fake call center. 

Over 50 phone lines were reportedly set up in the dormitory, with employees using desktops to make fraudulent calls and enter data obtained through deceitful means.

The police claimed that the accused individuals, spread across the country, were assigned various roles, including IT expertise. As is common in such operations, the employees allegedly received their salaries in cash to avoid leaving a documented trail.

Fake call centers often operate as fly-by-night operations, relocating frequently to evade suspicion. The choice of a remote location for the fake call center was a deliberate strategy to keep their activities discreet. 

Previous instances in Mumbai and its outskirts have revealed similar fake call centers posing as IRS officials or bank representatives, engaging in fraudulent activities to obtain individuals’ bank and financial details.

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