Summer activities to keep kids engaged  during vacations

As exam season draws to an end, parents are faced with the annual daunting task of ensuring a productive yet fun break for the kids. 

Lucky for us, Pune city is thriving with all sorts of options when it comes to creative pursuits. Take a look at the list below to choose your new favourite:

● Art Workshops : 

From drawing and painting to sculpting and crafting- art workshops give plenty of space for your child to discover their inner artist. Expressing themselves through a medium of art will help them understand the world around them better.

● Music Classes : 

Music is the rhythm of the soul, and the summer gives a perfect opportunity for your child to connect with this therapeutic hobby. This vacation, encourage your child to take up guitar or piano lessons or even learn the simple ukulele through YouTube.

● Gardening : 

If your kids would rather prefer to spend their summer outdoors, introduce them to the beautiful world of gardening! If you have the green thumb yourself, let your kids join you knee-deep.

There are also classes available in the city and online guidance as well.

● Dancing

Looking for the nourishment of body, mind and soul? Dancing is not only a way to increase body strength and muscle but also fun and jocular. With the rise of social media, choosing a dance routine is not a hard task anymore. But you always take a traditional route too and pursue classical as well as contemporary dance by looking up dance studios around you.

● Cooking

Learning to feed yourself comes out of necessity- but cooking in today’s world is a form of art as well. This activity will not only help you bond with your kids in the comfort of your home itself but also teach them an important life skill.

● Sports Camps

Sports Camps have always been the go-to fun activity for kids during summer. No matter what the heat, children are always ready for more playtime. With summer camps filled with every type of physical (and even creative) activity, this option is perfectly accessible as well as

recommended for all the energetic kids around.

Summer vacations are like a festival in themselves, and what is greater than a child’s joy during holidays? 

Add to their fun by taking up any of these activities, and accompany them in their pursuits to keep encouraging them. 

Happy Holidays!

Shriya Simran Pradhan

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