Pune News : Make your Holi celebrations flavorful 

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Across the country, Holi beckons a stream of sweets and snacks Indian festivals are characterized by their variety of assorted delicacies. Have you ever heard of a Ganesh Chaturthi without modak or a Diwali without gulab jamun? Over the decades, our cultures have amalgamated to give a unique, diverse taste pallet for each festival. Let’s take a look at how different regions prepare for Holi through their various eateries. 

Puran poli: Originating in South India and having spread across Gujarat, Puran Poli has become an indispensable dietary choice in the houses of many in Maharashtra. The sweet flatbread is known as holige in Karnataka and is a favourite among adults and children alike. 

Gujia: Perhaps the most popular snack for Holi, Gujias are sweet crescent-shaped dumplings that have travelled across the whole country over the course of history. Right from the northern states to the southern regions of Goa and Karnataka to the eastern coasts of Odisha- Gujia is widely looked forward to by many. 

Thandai: You are bound to get thirsty with all the dancing and playing, right? From Uttar Pradesh comes Holi’s infamous drink that has been privy to a lot of popular Bollywood songs today. A beautiful blend of a variety of ingredients- saffron, pepper, cardamom, almonds, rose petals and more put together with sweet milk, Thandai is known for both nutritional and relaxing properties during fun times. 

Murukku: Also known as Chakli or Chakri, Murukku is a south Indian delicacy which has made a home in the hearts of all children alike. So much is its popularity that now it has become a popular snack in many countries populated by the dispersion of Indians, especially in the countries of Southeast Asia. 

Malpua: A savoury snack bound to give you a sweet tooth, Malpua traces its origin back to the Vedic Period. Now a staple dessert of many eastern states like Odisha and Bengal, it has made its marks in the northern festivals of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh as well as Maharashtra with the eastern Indian diaspora. 

Kachori: Satiating both your spicy and sweet taste buds, Kachori is a Rajasthani special deep-fried snack with vast variegation of its types. Be it Moong Kachori, Dal Kachori or Pyaaz Kachori- there is a Kachori for every taste and choice! With all these snacks waiting around to be relished, it looks like we are well covered for Holi

Wishing everyone a happy, safe and delicious Holi! 

Shriya Simran Pradhan