Supriya Sule Raises Concerns Over CCTV Cameras in Baramati EVM Room

Supriya Sule Raises Concerns Over CCTV Cameras in Baramati EVM Room

Supriya Sule Raises Concerns Over CCTV Cameras in Baramati EVM Room

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Supriya Sule, the three-time Baramati MP, has alleged a troubling incident regarding the security of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in Baramati. In a post on X, Sule shared a video clip showing CCTV cameras inside the EVM strongroom being turned off for approximately 45 minutes.

Expressing her concern, Sule stated, “After the polling of Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency, the CCTVs in the godown where the EVMs are kept were switched off for 45 minutes this morning. It is suspicious that the CCTV is switched off where a very important thing like EVM is kept. Also, this is a big laxity.”

In response, the Election Commission addressed Sule’s allegations, clarifying that while the CCTV system in the warehouse where the EVMs were stored was operational, there was a temporary disruption in the display unit.

The Returning Officer for Baramati constituency, Kavita Dvivedi, affirmed that all security protocols were followed diligently, and there was no compromise in the storage of EVMs. She assured that the data remained intact, and there was no interruption in the CCTV footage.

However, Sule expressed dissatisfaction with the response, highlighting the unavailability of satisfactory answers from the concerned authorities and the absence of technicians at the godown. She emphasized the importance of immediate action by the Election Commission to address the situation and demanded transparency regarding the closure of the CCTV cameras.

It’s noteworthy that Supriya Sule is contesting against her cousin Ajit Pawar’s wife, Sunetra Pawar, in the Baramati constituency, representing the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde-led Mahayuti alliance in Maharashtra. The incident has raised significant concerns over the security and integrity of the electoral process, warranting thorough investigation and corrective measures.