Suvidha Kadlag embarks on journey to climb the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest 

Incredible news coming in from the world of mountaineering, as Suvidha Kadlag, a seasoned climber with six years of experience, is all set to embark on the most challenging quest of her career. She has set her sights on the mighty Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world.

Suvidha Kadlag is a female mountaineer and a mother of two. With extensive experience of climbing the Sahyadri ranges and successfully guiding many women on their journey, she has already summitted several other mountains, including Mt. Kangyatse (6250 Mtrs) and Mt. Nun (7,135 Mtrs).

For Suvidha, every quest in life should have a purpose. Speaking about her motivation to climb Everest, she says, “It keeps you going even during the most difficult situations when you think of giving up.”

Suvidha Kadlag’s journey to the top of Everest is more than just a personal challenge. She wants to represent all women in India and has appealed to the public for support to help her achieve this feat. She aims to take our national flag to the summit of Everest and make every Indian proud.

Currently, Suvidha is at the Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering, continuing her practice for the Everest climb. From Pune, where she became the first female to summit in 2008, Suvidha will begin her journey to the peak on April 6, and the flag-off ceremony will take place on 21 March.

Nividita Kelapure 

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