Illegal traffic wardens harass motorists in Pune railway station premises, allege Dr Keshav Kshirsagar 

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Pune: In a video posted by Dr Keshav Kshirsagar, president, Baghtoy Rickshawala Union, Pune clearly shows how illegal traffic wardens are harassing motorists at Pune railway station who are tying chains to motorcycles parked in the premises of Pune railway station. 

The matter became sensational when the traffic staff was seen talking indistinctly when Dr Keshav confronted him with questions. 

The incident happened on 25 February evening when Dr Keshav Kshrisagar was at Pune station to take a train for Mumbai.

In the video, it was seen that, illegal traffic wardens backed by the traffic police department was trying to lock two parked motorcycles of the passengers when he didn’t have any rights to do it. When the man in the video asked him, illegal warden threatened him, he had to face dire consequences.

At that time traffic constable Sachin More intervened and asked that illegal traffic warden to leave from the spot. In the video Dr Keshav Kshrisagar, demanded to lodge an FIR against such illegal traffic wardens.

Dr Keshav Kshrisagar said, if people are parking their vehicles at no parking zone then traffic police should definitely take action against them, but they can not hire such illegal person to take action against motorcyclist.’’

Dr Keshav Kshrisagar told that, these drunken illegal wardens do not have any decency in how to deal with people. Many a times, they used to attack people on very petty issues. Hence, we have requested traffic police to take action on such illegal traffic wardens to harass people.

When we contacted Pune city traffic police, Deputy Commissioner, Vijay Kumar Magar, he said it is the jurisdiction of the railway police and Pune traffic police have no authority to take action. 

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